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Armed men raid Chairman Nyanzi’s home this morning

Fred Nyanzi (Courtesy Photo)

National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine has revealed that armed men in plain clothes moving in a drone raided his big brother’s home Chairman Nyanzi Sunday morning.

Bobi Wine who posted on Facebook said armed men seem to have spent the whole night outside Chairman Nyanzi’s home because when he opened his gate early morning men he didn’t understand entered his compound.

“This morning, the home of my elder brother, Chairman Nyanzi was attacked by heavily armed men in plain clothes. The men who were travelling in a ‘drone’ seemed to have spent the night outside his home. When he opened his gate in the morning, three men immediately entered his compound” Bobi Wine posted.

Bobi Wine noted that eight men with big guns entered Nyanzi’s home and put everyone on gun point asking the whereabouts of Nyanzi who had escaped after realizing he was in danger.

“Nyanzi sensing danger after seeing pistols wrapped around their waists found a way of escaping from them. More men who totalled to about eight entered with big guns and started asking for his whereabouts. They put everyone in the house under gunpoint and forced all family members including his wife to lie on the ground facing down as they asked for Mr. Nyanzi’s whereabouts.“

However, Bobi Wine said that the armed men stayed for some time and they later left, taking with them his adopted son called Happy Kwikiriza.

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