Diana Nabatanzi returns to BBS Tv.

After about a month away from the public eye, Diana Nabatanzi made her return to BBS Tv full of life and ready to work without any disturbance.

Diana Nabatanzi took some time off from Tv and it was alleged that she had lost her voice which made a point for her to be off.

During Diana Nabatanzi’s time off TV a lot happened where her ex lover Lwasa Emmanuel came out and split all their relationship secrets saying Nabatanzi refused to give him children.

Diana Nabatanzi’s fans were so worried that she may not return back to work on BBS television.

However, the gorgroes Diana Nabatanzi Friday afternoon came out and made her ever first TV appearance ever since the drama between her and the controversial Ex-bonkmate Emmanuel

Lwasa told the world about their relationship. Nabatanzi continuously made on social media through out Lwasa’s outburst were not in any way related to anything close to the tycoon’s wild claims.

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