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I didn’t abandon the struggle, exile was an opportunity for me to stay alive – Stella Nyanzi

The former contestant for Kampala Woman Member of Parliament Dr. Stella Nyanzi revealed that going to exile didn’t mean she abandoned the struggle but it was just an opportunity for her to stay alive and have another life.

Dr Stella Nyanzi went to exile in Nairobi Kenya immediately after the 2021 elections that took place in February.

Through a Facebook post Dr. Stella Nyanzi said exile means different negative things to different people as they have been accusing her to be a coward, betrayer and to have abandoned the struggle but for her she sees it as an opportunity.

“Exile means different (negative) things to different people. Some people claim I betrayed comrades in the struggle when I fled from political persecution. Some people accuse me of abandoning the ongoing struggle for freedom in Uganda. Some people insult me as a coward who run away from the frontline.” Stella Nyanzi posted.

Stella Nyanzi noted that exile has helped her keep out of dictator Museveni’s prison and get an opportunity to stay alive.

“To me, exile was an opportunity to stay alive , keep out of dictator Museveni’s prisons or unofficial detention facilities, and avoid any further political persecution.” Nyanzi added

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