Master Music Record Label signs Iryn Namubiru.

Iryn Namubiru (Courtesy Photo)

Singer Irene Namubiru signed a deal with Master Music, a Ugandan record label and this was announced in an event that was held on Friday.

According to the event that took place at Master Music label offices in Ntinda, the main reason for it was to unveil Irene Namubiru as their new artiste.

However, they also used that same event to show their other new registered artists, Kin Bella and King Solomon who joined Nambiru under one record label.

Master’s will now be Irene Namubiru’s home where she will do music and leave the rest for Masters to promote, distribute and what more that can be done for a song to be out there.

While at the event, artiste Sama Soja who has a brand new song with Irene Namubiru was also unveiled but it was made clear he is not signed to Master’s but rather going to work with Master’s to promote his collaboration with Namubiru. Sama Sojah is an artistes signed to Red Zone, a music company based in the Netherlands.

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