NUP speaks out on rumours of James Mubiru’s death

National Unity Platform (NUP) party has broken the silence on the rumours of the death of one of their members, a Rubaga North councilor elect James Mubiru that has been circulating on social media that he had been killed by state operatives.

It is said that James Mubiru went missing two weeks ago and no one knows his whereabouts, not even his family members.

However, NUP spokesperson Joel Senyonyi said that the party cannot confirm these rumours because no one knows where he could be but they are trying to make sure they find him.

“News has been making rounds on social media about the apparent death of James Mubiru, LC5 Councillor-Elect from Rubaga. James has been missing for a couple of days, and we’re still trying to establish his whereabouts. We believe that he’s in the hands of the state .” Joel Senyonyi said.

Joel Senyonyi said they are demanding for his release wether dead or alive and other missing persons.

“We as NUP we demand that he and others who are missing be produced dead or alive. #BringBackOurPeople.” Joel added

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