Musicians in Uganda are so selfish – Kato Lubwama

Kato Lubwama (Courtesy Photo)

The Member of Parliament for Rubaga South Division Hon Kato Lubwama has labelled musicians and artists in Uganda selfish because of the way they do their work and handle other people.

While appearing on NBS Television, the performing artist that has been in Parliament for the past five years said that musicians in Uganda are very selfish and very disrespectful of other people’s hustles and professions.

Musicians in Uganda are so selfish. They want to own every job. The musician is the promoter, the song writer, the producer and at the same time the videographer, they don’t want to acknowledged other people’s efforts in their work.  

Kato Lubwama, Performing artist

Kato Lubwama added that artists want to own and do every job and sideline the promoter, song writer, producers and videographers and hardly acknowledge other people’s efforts in their work.

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