Pr Bugingo attacks Hon Nabilah Ssempala, brands her a prostitute.

House of prayer Ministries’ Pastor Aloysius Bugingo didn’t just stop at attacking the NUP president this time round he attacks Hon Nabilah Ssempala Naggayi.

During a Sunday service, Pastor Bujingo said Hon Nabilla Sempala took his family issues on the floor of Parliament when Bujingo and his ex wife Teddy Bujingo seperated which wasn’t necessary.

Bujingo added on that the reason for taking his family issues on the floor of Parliament was because she is a prostitute and she was angry that he didn’t engage in a relationship with her.

“She was yapping at me, she took papers to parliament to discuss about me , she’s really a prostitute , she was angry because I didn’t vibe her , she took a full basket of papers to parliament fortunately the speaker told her to shut up and leave my family issues alone” Bujingo stated.

This comes after Hon Nabilla Sempala falling out with her husband and the news spreading all over media which Pastor Bujingo concluded that all this happened because Nabilla is a prostitute and she cheated on her husband.

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