Chosen Becky’s money issues with her client settled.

Chosen Becky (Courtesy Photo)

Chosen Becky real names Kwikiriza Rebecca settled her issues with her client known as Lilian Nakyazi .

Last week Becky’s boyfriend Dictator Amir promised to change Chosen Becky’s bad behavior and mute the bad publicity,

Yesterday Dictator reconciled with his girlfriend’s client on her behalf, Lilian Nakyanzi after involving in a lengthy discussion with her dad that only yielded fruits.

Amir sat on a round table with Lilian Nakyanzi’s father Mr. Sekyanzi George William thereby begging for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Mr. Ssekyanzi asked Becky not to pay back Lilian’s deposit and instead spread more love by promising to boost her talent with another one million.

This follows a one Lilian Nakyanzi coming out to give a one week ultimatum to the “Kapyaata” singer to refund her shs 1million dimes after failure to perform at her into ceremony or else she proceeds with the matters in the courts of law.

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