Everything in this country revolves around politics – David Rubongoya

David Rubongoya (Courtesy Photo)

The National Unity Platform Secretary General, David Rubongoya has lashed out at political analysts and critics of the opposition in the country that advise his party and other opposition fractions to move on highlighting that politics is done.

According to David, anybody that says that politics is over and people should move on just does not understand or undermines the role of politics in the country as everything in Uganda rotates around politics.

“When you say politics is over and we should move on then you are undermining the role of politics in our country but we know everything rotates around politics”

David Rubongoya, NUP Secretary General

The NUP Secretary General who was speaking during NTV’s Morning show, was responding to Agency for Transformation CEO, Morrison Rwakakamba who had stated that since elections, in which Ugandans chose a leader who was declared winner, are done, then people ought to put politics aside and move on.

David Rubongoya added that the way the Kyagulanyi team has been handled alone elaborates how everything in this country is treated as a political affair or part of it.

He outlined that Kyagulanyi’s campaign team was arrested in Kalangangala in December 2020 and charged for an offence that they allegedly committed in January 2021 which makes no sense at all.

“Kyagulanyi’s entire campaign team was arrested in December and charged for an offense they are said to have committed in January the next year. What do you call that?”

David Rubongoya, NUP Secretary General

Rubongoya also added that it is estimated that 90% of the people incarcerated in Kitalya prison are National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters.

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