Meddie Sentongo allegedly steals his son from the mother

Meddie Ssentongo (courtesy photo)

A lady known as Suzan Nakiyingyi cried out to the Media that Meddie Sentongo stole their son from mother and he denied her from seeing their son.

According to Suzan Nakiyingyi a city slayer and businesswoman, she fell in Love with Meddie back in 2016 and got pregnant for him.

Unfortunately, she found out that she was pregnant with Meddie’s son after he had flown back to South Africa, cutting off communication and forcing Suzan to grow her son alone for three years.

After 3 years, Suzan found Meddie’s friends and told them about her child with the faded socialite but unfortunately Meddie just came and took away the child from Suzan promising that he would let her visit the child, until he refused to fulfil his promise.

For the past two years, Suzan has been fighting to get in touch with her son but all in vain, she even reached a point of going to authorities but without receiving any help back.

“I have been fighting for years trying to see my son but Meddie refused, i don’t know where my son is, I havent seen him in two years or even heard from him . I am so worried and heartbroken. I want my child back. I am now working and I can take care of my child by my own”- Suzan said.

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