Patrick Oboi Amuriat accuses Bobi Wine of being Selfish.

Patrick Amuriat Oboi, President of Forum for Democratic Change has accused the National Unity Platform president, Robert Kyagulanyi alis Bobi Wine of being Selfish.

The former presidential candidate Amuriat made this statement while in an interview with CBS FM on Monday.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat said political programs for Hon Robert Kyagulanyi the president of National Unity Platform will not work out because he decided to sideline fellow opposition Kingmakers.

“I am telling you Bobi Wine’s political programs will not work out since he decided to sideline fellow opposition kingmakers.” Amuriat said.

According to Amuriat, Bobi Wine has never reached out to any opposition political party leader on how they should handle the after election period and that’s why he is failing in even plan he is making.

Recently Bobi Wine made announcements of peaceful demonstration on the streets demanding for the victory of National Unity Platform which didn’t become successful.

Amuriat said Bobi Wine made announcements yet he hadn’t mobilised well his people and that’s why it didn’t work out.

“Bobi Wine’s recent plan did not work because he had not mobilized people well and in any case when you make an announcement you must ensure that you have mobilized well.” Amuriat said.

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