Abitex advises Chosen Becky to change her behavior.

Abitex (Courtesy Photo)

Veteran music producer, Abtex real names Abby Musinguzi advised Chosen Becky to check her behavior or else risk losing favor among fans.

During an interview, Abitex told Chosen Becky to arrange her calendar accordingly because her music is not consumed online, it’s more popular at cultural ceremonies.

“Chosen Becky you’re a young girl and you know the kind of music you sing is not consumed online, you better change your behavior towards your clients because that’s how you earn or else you lose people’s favor.” Abitex said.

This comes after musician Chosen Becky being in the news last week for failing to perform at a Kwanjula function.

According to the accuser, Chosen Becky took the deposit but did not abide by the agreed terms, she arrived very late for the function.

Abitex said this is the worst thing Chosen Becky could have done during these trying times for the music industry because at least for her she is earning but she is taking it for granted.

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