I would like to be in parliament but I don’t have academic qualifications -Mama Phina

The head of traditional healers in the country, Maama Fiina said that she can’t join elective politics because she has no credentials.

In an interview with Spark TV Maam Phina said she yearns to be in parliament but she doesn’t have the minimum qualifications required by the law.

Mana Phina called upon all the politicians who lack the minimum academic documents required to run a public office to quickly run back to school.

“I would love to represent my people in parliament but I don’t have the academic qualifications which are needed. That’s how bad it has been for my people. I call upon all politicians who lack qualifications to go back to school,” she highlighted

The woman with the most helping heart Mama Phina said she hopes to go back to school and get qualifications so that she can represent her people

“I hope to go back to school so that i can represent my people. Am a person who loves helping people, but can’t hold any public office for now” Mama Phina noted.

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