Kadaga prides in changing our constitution – Baker Batte

Baker Batte (Courtesy Photo)

Veteran Jounalist working with The Observer Newspaper, Baker Batte has trashed the Speaker of Parliament in Uganda, Hon Rebecca Kadaga for priding in changing the constitution of the country to keep President Museveni in power.

While speaking to on NBS Television in the morning of March 26th, 2021, Batte said that it was an absurd event that Kadaga shouldn’t be proud of as it did the country more harm than good and even saw some opposition members of parliament beaten on her watch by by the military that she invited into the chambers of parliament.

“Kadaga is priding in amending our Constitution to allow Museveni to die in power. Some opposition members were beaten on her watch because she’s the one who invited the military into Parliament.”

Baker Batte

Batte added that Kadaga’s actions of reminding the NRM party of how she is the one that delivered them lose meaning every time she does so.

He also highlighted that if Kadaga has the 300 members of parliament on her side for the speaker-ship role, like she claims, then she wouldn’t need to trash talk Jacob Oulanya.

“If Kadaga already has 300 MPs supporting her, why is she doing what she is doing? She knows that if this matter is decided by CEC, Kadaga won’t be the NRM candidate.”

Baker Batte

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