MPS who go to parliament with forged documents show stupidity of the highest order – Gashumba

Frank Gashumba revealed on how he is disappointed with Members of Parliament who use forged documents.

He said they show stupidity of the highest order.

This came after Frank Gashumba was asked in one of the interviews about Ssegirinya Muhammed who was recently accused of forging his academic documents to contest on the parliamentary seat of Kawempe North.

Frank Gashumba said it’s on record that any member of parliament must have P7, S4 and S6 certificates to contest.

He added on that any MP without the above qualifications should b kicked out of Parliament.

“Any MP who doesn’t have the required academic papers should be kicked out of Parliament it’s on record you must have P7 s4 and s6 certificates to be eligible for being a Member of Parliament in Uganda , MPs to have forged academic documents shows stupidity of the highest order” Frank Gashumba said.

The outspoken Frank Gashumba said the reasons to why he has not joined parliament is because of such people with lower frequency who forge academic documents.

“We are tired of such rubbish that’s why for I refused to Join parliament because of such people with lower frequency.”

However Frank Gashumba advised Segirinya Muhammed to sit down and revise himself.

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