Cindy unbothered by the recent beating of ‘Musicians.’

Cindy Sanyu (Courtest Photo)

The current president of Uganda Musician Association Cindy Sanyu revealed how she is unbothered by the recent beating of ‘musicians’.

Last week some musicians went to Gen Salim Saleh’s home in Gulu seeking for financial help but ended being beaten from their.

According to Some of the victims like Elio Disc, Cindy with the help of Gen Kayanja ordered their beating yet they had not committed any offence to be beaten.

However, Cindy said that she didn’t order their beating but they deserved to be beaten and they will use it as a lesson.

Cindy noted that they had no appointment with Gen Salim Saleh even after being given transport refund to go back home they didn’t go.

“I think musicians who were beaten from Gulu deserved it and they will use it as a lesson” Cindy said.

Cindy said as UMA they have no way to help some of the Musicians who are nursing wounds in the hospital because they disrespected them.

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