NUP to hold retreat to decide candidate for Speaker

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has announced that it will hold a retreat next week to decide on who they will front to contest for the Speakership race in the 11th Parliament.

This was revealed by John Baptist Nambeshe, who is the NUP Deputy President, Eastern Region. Nambeshe was addressing the press at the NUP head offices in Kamwokya.

“Next week we shall have a retreat and one of the key issues that we shall discuss is the speakership race which has dominated the media. We believe that we shall be able to come up with a resolution after the retreat and we shall inform you,” Nambeshe said.

Nambeshe said that the public should lookout for a surprise as NUP might choose to front their own candidate, instead of supporting any of the candidates that have already expressed interest.

He said that their party is not for sale and they will not be used by what he called ‘self-seeking’ individuals.

“The party position is very clear, we have not yet announced that we shall support any of the candidates, you are not aware that NUP might have a candidate, we might make a surprise,” Nambeshe said.

This comes after some of the NUP candidates showed interest in supporting Rebecca Kadaga as they were seen with her last week on the day she officially announced her interest to contest for Speakership.

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