Odonga Otto is not witch hunted – Maj General Paul Lokech.

The Deputy Inspector General of police Maj General Paul Lokech trashed Odongo Otto’s allegations of being witch hunted .

Following his recent arrest, Otto, who lost the parliamentary seat in the just-concluded elections to Dr. Christopher Komakech, accused the deputy Inspector General of police of being behind move to arrest and arraign him in court.

After his release on Tuesday from prison on bail the Aruu County Member of Parliament made statements saying Gen Paul Lokech is politically persecuting him after getting his son as the Aruu county MP elect.

“Deputy IGP Maj Gen Paul Lokech is politically persecuting me having got his son elected MP Aruu county. Senior Acholi leaders made efforts to restrain Paul Lokech but in vain. I wish to thank President Gen. Museveni for his intervention that got me out after 7 days in jail,” Otto said after his release.

However, during an interview with NBS television, Maj Gen Paul Lokech said he has no reason to witch-hunt Odongo Otto.

“He beat up a journalist in Gulu. He destroyed property of other people and this had nothing to do with Lokech. How is that witch-hunt? He has been used to behaving with impunity where he always walked away because he was an MP. He now wants to get sympathy from the public,”Lokech told the Nile Post when contacted over the comments by the legislator.

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