Your not proving any point move at your own pace – Kasuku to Sheila Gashumba.

TV presenter and radio personality Kasuku advised Sheila Gashumba to move on at her own pace in her relationship because she is not proving any point to anyone if not she will get depressed.

This came after Sheila Gashumba and her ex-boyfriend, God’s Plan started getting issues after dating for three years.

From what’s making rounds on social media, the couple looks like it’s completely no more as they both posted videos having a good time with new lovers.

Kasuku said Sheila Gashumba has moved on so fast trying to improve a point on social media which will end up depressing her and advised her to take her time the rush is for no reason.

“Sheilah Gashumba should take her time. Moving on this fast like the way I see it on social media doesn’t make sense. She will end up in depression and they start making for us noise” Kasuku said while on his morning show on spark TV.

This all came after Sheila Gashumba put her love life into the limelight often clashing with her boyfriend.

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