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Eddie Sendi trashes Eddy Kenzo’s Album

Dembe FM presenter Eddie Sendi has come out and trashed Eddy Kenzo’s ‘MADE IN AFRICA’ album saying it’s a disappointment to him.

Sendi made the statement while on BBS Television during the celebrity show with Jaxta.

Eddy Kenzo has released the 21 track album today but according to Eddie Sendi the music on that album that he has listened to is not as good as he expected it to be.

“The kind of music I expected to hear from Eddy Kenzo on his album is not what i have heard. This music is not good” Eddie Sendi said.

Sendi went ahead and said Eddy Kenzo destroyed people’s songs he remixed because their originals are far better than the songs on the Album and he will always prefer to go look for an original song and listen to it rather than listening to the remix.

Sendi being one of the entertainment analysts around noted that Eddy Kenzo’s songs off the album are better than the ones on the album.

Despite Eddie Sendi remarks on Kenzo’s Album, many other people like Kasuku have appreciated it saying the songs are very good and Eddy Kenzo has worked hard to make sure it sounds the way it does.

It should be noted that Eddy Kenzo is one of the selling artists in Uganda.

Written by Aine Siggy

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