Kato Lubwama requests for a Ministerial position in Buganda

Hon Kato Lubwama has come out and requested the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mwenda Mutebi to give his ministerial position in Buganda.

He made the statement during his interview with NBS Uncut.

According to Kato Lubwama, Buganda as a kingdom is looked down by the youth and that’s why Lubwama wants the position so that he can tame these young people.

“I want a ministerial position in Buganda because I want to tame these young people that look down Buganda. They are going beyond limits” Lubwama said.

This came after social media users attacked Katikiro Peter Mayiga about Kabaka’s sickness saying he is betraying Buganda.

Outspoken Kato Lubwama said Buganda needs someone like him to speak and fight for Kabaka without fear because people are over disrespecting him.

Lubwama said Kabaka is also human and needs privacy there is no reason for him to disclose his health status to the public.

“Kabaka is also human and he needs privacy. There is no need for his to disclose his health status to the public”

Kato said once Kabaka appreciates and appoints him, he will deal with Peng Pend an online blogger first.

Written by Aine Siggy

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