GNL Zamba to re unite with Mun G and Big Tril

Singer Ernest Nsimbi commonly known as GNL Zamba has come out and revealed how he is no longer in for any beefs and now set to re unite with fellow artists Mun G and Big Tril.

The trio was a force in the Luga flow field, under Baboon Forest. They can be remembered for doing a mega track titled ‘Sestula’.

When Mun G and Big Trill left Baboon, there were reports that GNL Zamba and Mun G were beefing. In the latest interview with NTV the Beat, GNL Zamba dismissed rumors, stating that they split into good terms and have always maintained a brotherly relationship.

“Me and Mun G split in good terms and we still have brotherhood relationship” GNL said.

And when GNL was asked whether he has plans to reunite and do a song with the two, his answers were affirmative. “We all want to do a reunion. Maybe a concert. The fans have been demanding it and we are willing to work together again. Hopefully, in the not-so-far-away future.”

“Fans have been asking us to do a concert together and I promise them we shall work together in the near future and give you a concert”

GNL Zamba added that he is proud of the two artists.

Written by Aine Siggy

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