Bebe Cool Applauds Chameleon for the hard work to the music industry

Musician Bebe Cool has applauded fellow musician Jose Chameleon for the hard work he has continuously put in the Uganda’s music industry.

Bebe Cool said Chameleone is a blessing to the many young musicians who should emulate him.

The two musicians looked not to be on the same page for the past years not until 2020 when Bebe Cool buried the hatchet and went to Chameleon’s home on his birthday to celebrate him.

And of recent Bebe Cool and Chameleon have been spotted on different events hanging out together even last week during Chameleon’s birthday party, Bebe Cool was one of the artists that graced the party.

According to Bebe Cool, Chameleon has always been a unique factor in the industry and he always seeks guidance from him in times of trouble.

“Chameleon is a blessing to the music industry especially to the young generation. His hard work laid a foundation to what everyone is seeing in the industry one. He introduced me to music and many other musicians I won’t mention.” Bebe Cool said.

Bebe Cool made this statement in an interview with NTV while speaking about his relationship with Chameleon.

Written by Aine Siggy

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