Lynda Ddane opens up on her life from one radio station to another

NTV the Beat host and radio presenter Lynda Ddane has opened up on life moving from one radio station to another.

The beautiful presenter who was recently working with Radio City left it and started working with KFM.

According to Lynda KFM environment is professional and it is more of her home than it was at Radio City.

She made the statements in a YouTube video, she posted on her social media.

Ddane narrated that she has no regrets about leaving Radio City and she is already feeling life at KFM.

“I am grateful for whoever I worked for before, most people been asking me about the life at Radio City and that of KFM but where I am, I already feel at home and I don’t regret leaving Radio City,” Lynda said.

She went ahead and said the heads of the Namuwonge based Radio have been more helpful. They make her want to dream bigger.

Written by Aine Siggy

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