Use your hubby to make money not Instagram likes Tina Fierce – Rema

Former Scoop on Scoop TV host Tina Fierce wants Rema and her hubby Hamza Sebunya to start a reality TV show and make money rather than post their photos for just Instagram likes.

According to Tina Fierce, the couple has made it a habit to post whatever goes on in their lives, and instead of wasting that time and getting criticized , how about they do it for money.

“Please Rema I think it’s important to advise you on how to make money using that husband of yours. Start a reality TV show and see how you will fetch money out of it instead of posting photos and you get criticized without making money” Tina said during her You Tube live video.

She believes a show about the two would fetch them some cash.

Rema and Hamza are currently in Dubai enjoying quality time together. The couple had a kwanjula a year or so ago, and since then they are arguably the best couple or the most lovey-dovey on the Internet.

Written by Aine Siggy

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