Evelyn Lagu and promoter Vegas in love

Singer Evelyn Langu has come out and revealed how she is finally in love despite being very sick.

Evelyn Lagu was spotted with Promoter Vegas having coffee together something that rose mixed feelings in her fans asking if she really needs to be going out and spending money instead of saving it for her life.

When Evelyn was asked about what is going on in her life with Promoter Vegas she said they are just friends and her fans should not mind much about her life just because she is sick she also needs to enjoy her life like others when still alive.

“Me and Promoter Vegas are just friends and he is entitled to take me out if he has money. My fans should stop minding much about my I am well and if not they will be knowing” Evelyn Lagu said.

This came after Evelyn Lagu started asking money from her fans and well wishers to take her to India for a Kidney transplant.

However, before she is taken for treatment Evelyn Lagu is seen slaying on social media hence her fans concluding that she is wasting hospital money for other luxurious things like make up and making nails.

Written by Aine Siggy

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