Mun G ventures into Poultry farming

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It’s the saying that Singer Mun G subscribed to literally.
With concerts and musical gatherings still under lockdown, Mun G has shifted focus to rearing hens as means of bringing food on the table.

During the Covid19 Lock down Mun G released a song dubbed ‘bintwala’ that went viral and killed people’s boredom during that time.

When asked why he is very savvy during an interview with NBS Uncut, Mun G said he doesn’t like being a begger as if he has doesn’t have knowledge to make money for himself.

Mun G went ahead and showed his poultry farm that is located in his compound saying he will not wait for president Museveni to open up clubs and bars so that he gets money yet he has a family to take care of.

“ I am raring poultry because my son and wife need to eat. I will not sit down and wait for president Museveni to open up bars and concerts” Mun G said.

Mun G went ahead and advised other artist to think outside the box and stop begging money from people who think deep.

It should be noted that Mun G has never been heard begging money from any government official like other artists like Big Eye., King Micheal and many others do.

Written by Aine Siggy

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