You have no moral authority to judge anyone – Tina Fierce to Nabatanzi Diana

Former Urban television host Tina Fierce has come out and trashed Diana Nabatanzi saying she has no moral authority to judge any talent.

This came after one of the judges of talent search ‘ Yolesa Ekyitone’ Alex Mukulu rejected some young dancers saying they smell and are not fit to be in public.

According to Tina Fierce, she blamed the organizers of the “Yolesa Ekitone” talent search promo for hiring inexperienced judges especially Diana Nabatanzi.

Tina Fierce insists the BBS Terefayina host, Diana Nabatanzi, has no moral authority to analyze anyone’s skills.

”Diana Nabatanzi has no moral authority to judge any talent because she is not talented in any way and I wonder how she could judge a talent” Tina Fierce said.

The out spoken TV personality Said Nabatanzi is not even fit to be working on any television because she is not professional at all.

“The ladies who were teething while Alex Mukulu was yapping for the young boys shouldn’t be hired again. Nabatanzi has never been fit for TV and I wonder who employed her,” she said in her video weekly random YouTube videos.

She explained that she has nothing new to offer to the audience, she should be scrapped off the panel for the coming episodes.

Written by Aine Siggy

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