Andre Confirms Why He Broke Up With Nina Roz, Spills Bitter Secrets

The merry go round that had long besiged Daddy Andre’s relationship with Nina Roz has reached it’s nadir.

Like the narrative goes, it has surely ended in bucket loads of tears.

Singer Andrew Ojambo commonly known as Daddy Andre has confirmed the break up with fellow singer Nina Rose after months of legal wide spread speculation.

Word has been rife that the couple are no longer in romance and allegations were treated with doubt.

The duo even unfollwed each other on Social media and it later emerged that it has a promotional gimmick for their new song.

And during the Zzina Awards ceremony, Andre further reckoned that they are in good terms and nothing wrong with their relationship.

However, in a leaked phone call audio recorded by a friend, Daddy Andre is heard saying that he is no longer in any relationship with Nina because Nina Rose never loved him she was just using him for her personal ambitions.

“Me and Nina Rose we are no more. I realized that she came with the intentions of using me like the way Angella Katatumba used me” Andre said.

According to Andre however much they are so prayerfully, Nina the people see on TV is not the real Nina. She promised Andre that she is going to change but she never changed and is still a drug addict.

“Nina Rose is a still a drug addict. She promised she will change bit she never changed. We prayed about it but things didn’t work out for us hence leaving her” Andre said.

Andre added ” She has been using various social media bloggers to paint a picture that we are deeply in love but some who are my friends tipped me about it.”

Andre went ahead and said helped Nina Rose raise to fame but her antics has failed him.

Andre and Nina married late last year and the couple has made wonders musically by releasing hit baggers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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