Nina Roz’s parents beg Andre to forgive their daughter

Singer Kakunda Rose commonly known as Nina Roz’s mother has begged Daddy Andre to forgive her daughter and the couple gets back together in a happy marriage.

This came after Andre left Nina Roz in the house saying he is not ready to stay in that marriage for various reasons.

In an a recorded phone call audio, Andre said when Nina Roz’s parents got to know about their separation her mother called Andre and requested him to forgive her daughter if she wronged him and the couple gets back in their happy marriage.

“When Nina’s parents got to know that I have left her at home, her mother called me and asked me to forgive her and we get back together and have a happy marriage” Andre said

Andre went ahead and said Nina Roz was behaving like a celebrity at home of which he tried to explain to her parents but they failed to understand saying everything can be solved.

The couple married last year in October.

Andre said Nina’s intentions was to put him down saying he is a bad guy he beats her and abuses her but not out of love.

Written by Aine Siggy

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