Government Warns Schools Against Reopening

Ministry of Education and Sports has called on schools to comply with the calendar that was given to them for opening schools in a phased manner.

This came after the MoES issued guidelines for re-opening of schools in a staggered manner after a long time of being under covid19 lockdown.

The guidelines that they issued included a clear calendar of when each class is supposed to report to school.

However, some schools failed to comply to these guidelines and opened all classes and nursery classes too.

Ministry of Education and sports has however released a press statement calling on all schools to revise the guidelines and comply because nursery classes are not scheduled to open where as primary 1,2 and 3 are scheduled to open on 7th June to July 2021.

“Therefore schools that have defied the calendar for re-opening of the above classes are in breach of the guidelines and hereby directed to immediately comply with the calendar as issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports”

It should be noted that schools were closed in March 2020 after the outbreak of covid19 and since then the government has made sure they open slowly by slowly not to put the lives of students in danger.

Written by Aine Siggy

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