Nina Roz is still a drug addict –Daddy Andre goes ahead to expose Nina

Singer Daddy Andre real names Andrew Ojambo has come out and revealed how Nina Roz is still a drug addict despite coming out and claiming that she left taking drugs.

Daddy Andre made the statement in the a phone call audio that was linked by a friend.

Andre and Nina Roz were in a relationship for just six months. The couple legalized their marriage last year in October in a very private traditional ‘kukyala’ ceremony.

However, last week news of the couple separating started making rounds on social media. But Andre came out and said it’s a lie he is happy in his relationship with the songstress Nina Roz.

A day after, Andre was tricked by a friend who was recording their conversation on a phone call and later linked it to the media Andre saying he was trying to cover up all the mess but the truth is that he is no longer in a relationship with Nina Roz.

Andre said one of the reasons is that Nina promised and pretended to have left taking drugs something that drove Andre crazy to quickly fall for her but in actual sense Nina was lying and now she takes drugs more that she used to take even before they met.

“When I met with Nina Roz she said she wants to change her life style. She pretended and promised me that she will never take drugs any more something that made me fall for and marry her knowing I have finally found a woman of my dreams” Andre said.

Andre said he hates lies in the whole of his life of which Nina has been doing lieing to him and fooling him each and every day something that made Andre lose trust in her hence leave her home to go and stay alone.

“Nina Roz has been lying and fooling me something I hate in my life. I lost trust in her since I knew she smokes again hence leaving her home and moving on with my life” Andre said.

The beautiful couple was one of the most liked couple that even the song ‘Andelea’ they did together went viral and won them an Award in the recent concluded Zzina Awards

Written by Aine Siggy

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