Straka Beibe launches online TV show

Former WBS TV presenter Straka Mwezi has raised from her slumber.

Brace your selves to watch again the multi colored wig motor Mouthed presenter.

Following years of searching for a gig on variousTV stations and no one found it ideal to hire her, Straka Beibe is back on your screens with a brand new show.

Why stations have been shunning her is mystery, but what is not debtable is that Straka was once a force on TV.

She is however back with an online TV show, that will air every Friday night. It will be purely entertainment stuff.

It will feature requesting of songs and celebrity gossip.
“Miss Me No More!!!And Thanks For the Love. Abetta Bette ….” Straka Posted.

Before the Collapse of WBS TV, Straka presented one of the most viewed entertainment, Late Night show, which helped the Godorn Wavamuno’ owned station scale dizzying heights then.

Written by Aine Siggy

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