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Government declares 12th May public holiday

Minister of Information and Technology Hon. Judith Nabakoba has released a statement declaring 12th May 2021 a public holiday.

The statement indicates that on 12th May, there will be a swearing in ceremony for President Museveni who was elected on the 14th January 2021.

According to the DR forms of the concluded elections, President Museveni defeated his opponents with 58.38% hence declaring him as the winner.

Despite the previous times where all Ugandans would gather at Kololo, this time the swearing in ceremony will be attended by only 4,042 people from different categories of Ugandans.

“This swearing in ceremony will be attended by only 4,042 people from different categories of Ugandans not like previously where all Ugandans would be invited and gather in big numbers”

This is happening because of the deadly disease Covid19.

The categories of people invited to this ceremony are, 17 delegates from each district, All members of Parliament Elect, All former presidential candidates who participated in the January 14th General Elections, All Ministers and ministers of state, All CEC members, Members of East African Legislative Assembly, A few people belonging to the Business community, A few religious leaders, A few cultural leaders, Half list of the normal VIPs.

The statement released says other Ugandans who are not invited should follow the proceedings of the function on the national television and radios since it will be broadcasted live.

“We call upon all Ugandans to follow the proceedings of this function on the national televisions and radios since it will be live.

It should be noted that other heads of states across the world are also expected to join President Museveni in the swearing in ceremony at Kololo.

Written by Aine Siggy

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