Angella Katatumba unbothered by Daddy Andre’s relationship scandals

Musician Angella Katatumba has cleared the air about being jealousy of ex boyfriend Daddy Andre’s relationship with Nina Roz saying she has no time for petty things.

She made the statement during an interview with NBS Uncut show.

This came days after Daddy Andre reportedly fell out with Nina Roz after spending few months in a relationship.

However Angella Katatumba said that she doesn’t have the authority to comment on Daddy Andre’s relationship sagas.

“I have no right to speak about Andre’s relationship with Nina Roz because I wasn’t around when they were starting” Angella Katatumba said.

Andre married Nina Roz just few months after separating with Katatumba.
Andre is a very good gentle man so she is not sure of who geared up his divorce with Nina Roz.

It should be noted that Andre said women come in to his life to use him for their personal glory.

Written by Aine Siggy

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