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Enanga is the Angel of Lies – Tamale Mirundi

Political analyst and President Museveni’s ally Tamale Mirundi has ripped into police spokesperson Fred Enanga labelling him the angel of lies.

He made the statement during his weekly show ‘Sharp Talk’ on STV.

Despite being Museveni’s strong supporter, Tamale Mirundi blames the government institutions for their below par services.

Tamale said people that work with in the government like the police spokesperson are selfish and Museveni’s leadership in bad repute.
He added on that Enanga is the Angel of lies whatever he speaks affects Museveni not any other person.

“Many people that work within the government are selfish and they do what they do to Museveni down like the angel of lies Enanga whatever he says affect the president.” Tamale Mirundi said.

This came after the Enanga came out and said the police is aware that some people are scheming to interrupt President Museveni’s inaguration and Tamale says those are lies and Enanga is using it to embezzle government funds out it.

Tamale went ahead and said Enanga has been telling lies throughout his term but the end will justify the means.

Written by Aine Siggy

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