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Nince Henry warns local websites for posting his Music.

Artist and song writer Nince Henry has warned local websites to stop uploading his music if they aren’t ready to pay for it.

His warning comes at the back of fellow singer A Pass who requested local Websites to stop uploading his music without his consent of approval.

Nince Henry while appearing on NTV backed A Pass saying Ugandan artists hustle a lot to record songs and make their videos but actually don’t earn from them.

Nince Henry said he has given those people who run websites few days to put his music down or else he takes further actions because A Pass was very humble and gentle while requesting them

“I am giving people who run local websites to put down my music because A Pass was very humble and gentle while telling them but me am very strict if they don’t put it down I will take actions.” Nince Henry said.

Nince Henry and A Pass are not the only Ugandan artists facing this but for them they came out boldly and addressed the issue of which other artists are not able to do.

Written by Aine Siggy

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