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Bobi Wine is the reason why the art industry is still closed – Kasuku

Radio and TV presenter Katende Isaac commonly known as Kauku has come out and blamed Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine for the closure of the art industry.

Since the out break of Covid19 last year in March, the art industry has been closed up to now.

President Museveni as opened up most of the sectors, church and schools inclusive but he has failed to open up the art industry the bars inclusive saying people in that sector are drunkards they will not be able to observe the SOPs.

According to Kasuku, that’s not the reason why Museveni is failing to open up the art industry. Bobi Wine is the reaon because since he decided to contest against president Museveni and was supported by many people from the art industry musicians and comedians inclusive’ Museveni is punishing them by not opening up.

Out spoken Kasuku said if students can observe SOPs why not old people in the industry. And this is the reason he is basing on to say it’s a punishment.

“Bobi Wine is the reason why we are still closed up as an art industry. Since he stood to contest against Museveni, the industry has not been stable. I think it’s a punishment because you cant say students can observe SOPs and we the old people fail to observe them.” Kauku said.

Kasuku is one of the artists that has been requesting President Museveni to open up and they work but according to the statement president made while swearin in yesterday saying 80% of Ugandans will have to be vaccinated in order to open up the remaining sector, Kasuku vowed not to request him any more.

He advised artists to look for other businesses to do in order to get what to eat.

Written by Aine Siggy

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