Daxx Kartel’s family opens up about his relationship with Momo19

Singer Daxx Kartel’s family has opened up about his relationship with former television prsenter Momo19 that looks to be locked between a rock and hard place.

Daxx Kartel and Momo19 had been in a secret affair for more than five years before they disclosed it to the public when the legalized their marriage.

But unfortunately two months after making their relationship official, rumors started making rounds on social media indicating the couple is no longer together.

As if that was not enough Momo19 took it to her social media platforms saying ‘Yes I am single’.

However, during an interview with Spark TV, Daxx Kartel’s mother said she doesn’t know anything about their separation. The only thing she knows is that Momo19 and Daxx Kartel are happily married and are in good terms.

“I don’t know anything about my son Daxx Kartel separating with Momo19. The only thing I know is that they are happily married and are in good terms.” Daxx Kartel’s mother said.

She went ahead and advised her son Daxx Kartel to get his marriage matters out of the media and social media at large. She said that’s the only thing that is disturbing them more.

Daxx Kartel’s mother said she loves Momo19 and she will continue loving her for the sake that her marriage with Daxx Kartel is holy.

Written by Aine Siggy

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