Bebe Cool gives marriage tips to fellow artists

Singer Moses Ssali commonly known as Bebe Cool has tipped fellow artists on how to manage their relationships and marriages.

Bebe Cool is one of the few artists enduring a successful and private marriage with his wife Zuena Kimera. The two have been married for more than twenty years and have five children together.
Their romance has indeed stood the taste of time.
During an exclusive interview with NBS Uncut, Bebe Cool managed to give out some tips to fellow artists on how he has managed to have a smooth, successful and private marriage.

Bebe Cool told artists not to engage in a relationship or even get married to fellows artists because those relationships will never be successful. He said the two will be on demand and there will be no respect for one another hence the relationship ending miserably.

Bebe Cool added that artists should be transparent and honest to one another incase they find themselves in a relationship. He said their relationship issues must be as private as they can and that will help them move a milestone in their relationships.

“I wouldn’t advise an artist to engage in a relationship or even marry a fellow artists because most of the times those relationships don’t work out. However, if one falls in a relationship with a fellow, I advise them to be so honest and transparent and on top of that keep their marriage issues as private as they can.” Bebe Cool said.

Marriage break-ups have become a norm among Uganda artists recently.
Daddy Andre and Nina Roz broke up six months after making their marriage official, Momo19 and Daxx Kartel also separated three months after making it official.

Written by Aine Siggy

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