Daxx Kartel not letting go of Momo19

Singer Daxx Kartel Omunyeluba has come out and revealed how he is not ready to let go of his wife former TV presenter Momo19.

The couple’s family Issues spread on social media like wild fire something that pushed Momo19 to come out and officially say she is single.

However, Daxx Kartel declined saying any thing to the media about his relationship status with Momo19 and took it to his Facebook page assuring Ugandans for better for worse Momo19 is his wife.

Daxx Kartel posted a photo of him and Momo19 during their Nikka ceremony and captioned it,
“For Better for Worse ono yewange’

Momo19 and Daxx said there were in a relationship for more than five years before deciding to legalize their marriage.

But three months after there marriage ceremony, the two got misunderstandings and Momo19 decided to move on.

Written by Aine Siggy

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