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Bebe Cools brags about having the most beautiful woman in Uganda

Singer Moses Ssali commonly known as Bebe Cool has come out to the media and bragged how he has the most beautiful woman in Uganda.

Bebe Cool is used of introducing himself as ‘baa wa Zuena’ meaning Zuena’s husband while in public.

During an exclusive interview with NBS Uncut, Bebe Cool defended his statement of introducing himself to the as Zuena’s husband saying he does so because Zuena is the most beautiful woman in Uganda and everyone knows that.

He went ahead and said that’s the reason he used her in his current song ‘Make a wish’ because it was talking about beauty and she is the true definition of beauty.

“I have the most beautiful wife in Uganda. People always laugh at me when I introduce my self as Zuena’s husband in public. But I always mean it because she is beautiful and people give me respect because of that. I even used her in the video of my current song as a vixen because the song taljs about beauty and she is the true definition if beauty.” Bebe Cool said.

Bebe Cool and Zuena have more than 20years in their relationship and they have five children,

Bebe Cool said Zuena as beautiful as she is, she denied marrying other rich men who wanted her and she decided to settle with him by the time he had no money and that’s he praises her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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