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Eddie Sendi advises local artists to desist from Valugar music

Radio personality and entertainment analyst Eddie Sendi has advised Ugandan musicians to sing meaningful songs in order to remain relevant in the industry.
Sendi’ pleas come at a time when most upcoming artists have cooked meaningless songs in the bid to shot to stardom.Chief amongst them has been Record Ela Butida.
Sendi advised him to stop the kind of music he is singing and try good and long lasting music.

Eddie Sendi said no artist can sing vulgar music in the whole of their career and no one will be ready to listen to that kind of music all the time.

“There is no artist that sings vulgar language and prevails in the music industry. So up coming artists like Record Ela Butida should look for the stage they fall in” Eddie sendi said

Eddie Sendi is known as an outspoken radio personality and doesn’t mince his words in the entertainment industry

Written by Aine Siggy

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