Momo19 threatens to return Daxx Kartel’s Amahare

Former TV presenter Naluwooza Mariam commonly known as Momo19 is ready to return Daxx Kartel’s amahare as the couple countinue to put up signs that they are no longer an item.

The two legalized their marriage in December 2021.

Unfortunately after about four months, the couple seem to have gone separate ways.

According to the muslim beliefs, when the woman leaves the marriage, she is supposed to hand back the bride price, and that’s why Momo19 said if they want their dowry she is ready to pay it back after all it was little money.

“Daxx if you want your dowry I am ready to pay it because that was little man” Momo19 said.

The reason to why the couple separated was not disclosed but the truth is that they are no longer in a relationship.

For Momo19 she came out in the public and declared that she is single but Daxx Krtel assured Ugandans that for better for worse Momo19 is his woman.

Written by Aine Siggy

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