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Spice Diana’s cryptic post leaves fans guessing

Namukwaya Hajara Diana, alias Spice Diana’s cryptic social media towards song writer and singer Nince Henry has left many guessing.

The Ndimulavu hit maker appeared to pour out her heart in a cryptic post in the as she expressed her love to Nince Henry and revealed that the time was nigh for the public to know their romance.

The post hit social media like a level 5 thunderstorm.

We have kept this in the dark for long and it’s painful.
I have a family that needs to know.
Even my fans would like to know where I stand in this regard Henry.
Yes . Nince Henry
It’s time we come out.
It’s now or never.
Iam tired.
Byebyo ❤️” Spice Diana posted.

Gullible fans congraturated Spice Diana upon finding the love of her life while others called it a stunt.

Spice Diana is not the first artist to pull out a stunt, music legends like Chameleon, late Radio used stunts too to promote their music.

However, this looks not to work any more as fans no longer moved by these stunts.

Written by Aine Siggy

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