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Balaam confirms all events promoters receiving money

Senior events promoter Balaam Barugahala has confirmed that all events promoters have received money that was promised by them in 2021.

This money they have received was supposed to be given to the during corona virus period but it delayed due to some unexplained reasons.

Despite some promoters saying they have not seen the money, Balaam cleared the air that the people that have not received are not promoters.

“I confirm that all promoters in Uganda have received their money. Those coming out and saying they have not received just know they are not promoters” Balaam said.

Balaam went ahead and said those promoters that are complaining to have received little money they should return it because there are some other people in need.

It should be noted that Gen Salim Saleh is the person behind this money after he promised to bail out promoters who had lost their money during corona. These promoters had invested money in the concerts which were disrupted by Covid.

Written by Aine Siggy

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