I almost became Sheila Gashumba’s step mom- Doreen Kabareebe

City faded socialite and model Doreen Kabareebe has come out to narrate how she was on the verge of dating city businessman Frank Gashumba.

While appearing on Galaxy FM, the sexy model who claims to be 25 years old has rubbished ongoing rumors of how she’s chewing Sheila Gashumba’s father.

She however did not deny the two ever having a thing. She clarified that something was about to happen between them but Frank’s complicated lifestyle crashed everything. Doreen however said the two are still in touch and good friends.

“I agree Frank Gashumba is single but he remains my friend. After watching his live video, I told Frank the reason as to why he is single is that he sleeps in white bedsheets that really makes me uncomfortable. As U know I’m a fertile woman, What If I come to sleep with him when I’m in my pees coz some of us have a heavy flow and I spoil them with my stains?” Doreen said.

Doreen Kabarebe has been linked with a number of men ever since she broke onto the scene in the early 2010’s. These included among others singer Jose Chameleone. Frank Gashumba on the other hand has largely lived in a single state after breaking up with Sheila Gashumba’s mother.

Written by Aine Siggy

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