I still love my man despite his cheating- Taata Sam’s official wife

A few weeks ago news was rife of how local comedian Robert Sunday aka Taata Sam ballooned and fathered a baby with singer Brown Sugar.

Taata Sam went ahead to brag about how Brown Sugar had fallen for him even before he vibed her because of his charm.

The major news was how Brown Sugar who was controversial socialite Sipapa’s girlfriend ended up with Taata Sam. Sipapa however came out to clear the air saying he had no hard feelings for the two and wished them well.

Taata Sam fathered this baby despite having an official wife at home known as Birabwa Aidah.
Rumor circulated of how she had deserted their marital home owing it to her husband’s infidelity.

However, she has come out to clear the air through a social media post. She asserted Taata Sam was the father of her kids and they were still legally married.

Through a biblical quotation she wrote ” MATAYO 6:34 Kale temweraliikiranga bya bio kubanga olunaku olwa jjo lulyeraliikirira ebyalwo. Olunaku olumu ekibi kyalwo kirumala??.”

This is loosely translated as “don’t worry about the wrong deeds of yesterday as the sins for one day are enough for that day.’

Aidah did what exactly our forefathers teach to stick in a marriage irrespective of what happens but which is contrary to the new breed of feminists.

Written by Aine Siggy

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