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Spice Diana warns Sheebah’s fans

Singer Namukwaya Hajjarah alias Spice Diana has warned Sheebah’s fans to stop attacking her using social media.

Spice Diana said she is fed up of being abused with vulgar comments by fans who reside in one of the strong groups of Sheeba called Sheebaholics

‘Jangu’ hit maker took it to her social media requesting Sheebah’s fans to stop what they are doing to her because she has never done anything wrong for them.

“For sure sheebaholics mulekere awo okunvuma nokumpemula ku account yange . Silina kyenali mbakoze. Mukisusiza .” Spice Diana posted.

Spice is one of the artists that has no grudges in with other artists.

However, some of her fans think it’s a stunt while others are wondering what could be the root cause of this.

Written by Aine Siggy

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