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Geoffrey Lutaya promises to prioritize Parliament work over Music

Musician Geoffrey Lutaya has he dedicate more time parliament than Music.

He made the remarks during a press conference after he was sworn in to represent people of Kakuto in the 11th Parliament.

Geoffrey Lutaya was quizzed how he is going to juggle music and Parliament work since he has joined parliament but his reply was quiet a disappointment to music lovers when he said will now put much focus to represent the people of Kakuto.

“I will not do much for the music industry while in parliament. My first priority are the people who sent me to represent them and that’s why I can’t promise to help the music industry.” Geoffrey Lutaya said.

Lutaya is not the first artist to become the MP. Bobi Wine and Judith Barbirye were also MPS but unfortunately didn’t represent the interests of fellow artists.

Geoffrey requested artist not to pin him because he will try to do what he can for them in the time he will be in parliament.

Despite Geoffrey Lutaya saying the people of Kakuto will be his first priority, Hilder Man went opposite as he said the music industry will be his first priority.

Written by Aine Siggy

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